A brief introduction to the randomness.


The symbol of the "Life Arbitrarity" or "Randomness", directing the path of our lifes.


The sign of those how can not die, some are eternal some already did.


The symbol for the indescribable dark forces, which holding one back and keeping one small

Cursed Jinsei-Shii

Sometimes ones Jinsei-Shii is took over by the darkness leading the pathes to their valleys and the way become cused.

Bloom and Shine

While the bloom represents the nature the shine standing for the living things. They both are symbols of being aware, enjoying and respecting each of those things.


With this sign a new era is setting in. I stands for a time of hope, dreams and carelessness. A state many aim to reach.


Representing pain and suffer one has gone through.

Cursed Life Cult

The sign of the Cursed Life Cult, also written as ¬CLC° or with the number 414.

Curse Writ

The core of the CLC is the so-called "cursed writ" which represents their prophecy. One living after the code embark on the "Cursed Journey" to become part of the Deathless.